AVE’s laboratory participated in 2021 worldwide interlaboratory test of proficiency in Solid Refused Fuel analysis, organized by DCC Delta Coal Control GmbH and with the participation of 150 laboratories.

For the second consecutive year, as a result of this participation, AVE was distinguished with the maximum degree of performance “Excellent”.

 This year had the particularity of participating with a second fuel, in the analysis of Wood Pellets, in which it was also distinguished with the maximum degree of “Excellent”.

Proficiency tests carried out by DCC comply with all the requirements of the international standard EN ISO / IEC 17043.

In 2021, AVE supplied more than 300 thousand tons of Alternative Raw Materials, with a rate of substitution of fossil fuel in the 6 cement plants in the order of 40%.

The demand supported by the physical-chemical evaluation of Secondary Raw Materials allowed more than 200 thousand tons to be co-processed through its incorporation in the industrial process of the associated companies.

AVE’s laboratory was decisive for the success achieved, we are all to be congratulated!

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